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Sears apologized and refunded my money within 4 days of this video's YouTube debut (around 600 Views).
(Social Media Math) 1 Mad Rapper + 1 Interested Blogger + 1 Responsive Company = 1 Happy Customer
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Yo Yo Sears

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yo Yo Sony, a YouTube video is on the way! Customer Service did not save you. Twitter did not save you. Now you must endure that wrath of me trying to rap, it will not be pleasant :)

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  1. Hello Mad at Sears and Sony too,
    I'll tell you what is happening to us.
    We bought our camera a little over a year and made an extended warranty. A few days after winning the original warranty we contacted the customer service of Sony and they guided us to send the machine to Laredo, Texas.
    We did that and after several emails asking them a position, we received an email saying the cost would be $99. We responded by saying it is impossible since we had extra coverage. After several weeks is that we have responded by saying that unfortunately they could not fix the machine, since the original warranty was over and that we should use the extended and would be returning the machine to us and WE should we send it to the repair sector of the extended warranty that is in Connecticut.
    After 2 months this has happened.
    We decided to send it so we do not have money to buy another camera now, but we're very, very disappointed with this. We see how the sectors of business and not talk about how the client is lacking.
    Who will stop for two months we have lost without the camera? My son is 7 years old, he was doing basketball and tennis and I could not take pictures of it, who will compensate this loss?
    I wrote hundreds of times for Sony and just this week he gave me an answer through twitter with an e-mail address.
    I will not pity, I will write to them with the whole portfolio and hope to reach the president here in America who is Mr. Phil Molineux.
    Luckily I did not send the memory card and even had it shipped I could take everything that was inside before sending the machine for repair.
    With customers like us, they have to learn to deal with what they have is more precious, WE.